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sophie is 2!!

Sophie’s second birthday was today. She was quite spoiled. Here are some pictures from her fun day.

Sophie BDay 03

Sophie BDay 02

Sophie BDay 14

Sophie BDay 13

Sophie BDay 12

Sophie BDay 11

Sophie BDay 10

Sophie BDay 09

Sophie BDay 08

Sophie BDay 07

Sophie BDay 06

Sophie BDay 05

Sophie BDay 04

Sophie BDay 01

Spring Break 2010

This week has been Spring Break for the boys. We made no big plans and it’s been a pretty mellow week. Every morning during the first half of the week we woke to snow. The last two days have finally been kind of nice.

Sunday night the boys slept over at Grandma M’s. They spent the day with her and cousin Jared. They got spoiled and went to the Dinosaur Museum and McD’s for lunch.

Tuesday is Joe’s regular day off and I also took the day off. We did lunch and a movie with the kids. We saw How to Train Your Dragon. I just love that movie! Sophie even loved it and sat through it. It was challenging going to the movie with Sophie. She spilled a soda an me and the floor. And even though I changed her diaper before the movie started she wet through…onto my leg. *sigh*

The kids spent Wednesday with the babysitter since both Joe and I had to work. However, Joe got off early so they went to the cool park by our new place.

park 06 Park 05 Park 04 Park 03

Thursday Joe wasn’t feeling well so he stayed home with the kids. They went to the park again and up to visit Grandma M.

And today I’m home with the kids. We had pancakes for breakfast, had McD’s drive thru for lunch, went grocery shopping, and now we are outside playing while Sophie naps.

Sidewalk Chalk Sai

Ahhh… my heart melts. Sai’s note to me: Dear Mom, I love you Veary Much! You are the funest Mom! And the best Mom ever! Love Sai

Sidewalk Chalk Jay

Jay was drawing Santa coming to visit us.

Check out this picture of Sophie.

Sophie's Body Art

While I was doing laundry this morning she got a hold of the markers and did a little body art. I gave her a shower and tried to scrub her well but the marker is still faintly visible.

Here are some more random pictures from the last few weeks.

Sophie's Easter Sunday


I’m so excited!!!

Joe sent me a text this morning saying that his coworker just booked a round trip flight from here to Seattle for $200 and that I should look into flights to Portland. So I did and found cheap flights!

I texted my friend Rhonda, she called me back, we picked dates and I booked a flight to Portland next month! WAHOO!!!! (With taxes it was only $205!) She’s going to drive, I’m going to fly, and it’s going to be an awesome girls weekend!

It’s been almost two years since we moved from Oregon, so it will be nice going back. I’m not going back to Central Oregon but at least it’s Oregon.

In other news… We’re all moved in. It’s still a little weird and not yet “home”. We found the camera, and the charger, so I need to take some pictures to post. But the kids are LOVING IT! It’s been pretty awesome!