I’m so excited!!!

Joe sent me a text this morning saying that his coworker just booked a round trip flight from here to Seattle for $200 and that I should look into flights to Portland. So I did and found cheap flights!

I texted my friend Rhonda, she called me back, we picked dates and I booked a flight to Portland next month! WAHOO!!!! (With taxes it was only $205!) She’s going to drive, I’m going to fly, and it’s going to be an awesome girls weekend!

It’s been almost two years since we moved from Oregon, so it will be nice going back. I’m not going back to Central Oregon but at least it’s Oregon.

In other news… We’re all moved in. It’s still a little weird and not yet “home”. We found the camera, and the charger, so I need to take some pictures to post. But the kids are LOVING IT! It’s been pretty awesome!


1 Response to “Oregon”

  1. 1 Rhonda April 24, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    Kathy- Still so excited! less than 3 weeks now…woohoo!!!

    Can’t wait,
    Rhonda 🙂

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