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Soccer Time – Here’s Sai

Sorry, another soccer post.


Sai had a double-header on Saturday. When we got to the field the sprinklers were going. And the sprinklers changed to our side of the field and we all got wet! Poor Sophie was strapped in her stroller and I think it freaked her out.

They were able to play the second game. Here’s some video for it. Sai’s not as aggressive as Jay. He kind of just skips along after the ball but doesn’t really go after it. Funny kid.

And we’d like to thank all the family that came to watch. Sorry that there wasn’t a game right at 9. Thanks for coming and supporting Sai, we really appreciate it!


This morning Jay work up and started telling me in great detail about Nemo 2. He’s so sure that a sequel to Finding Nemo is coming. I’m thinking he just had a really vivid dream. He was telling me all about the sharks in the movie and how excited he was to see it. I checked it out on IMDB and as far as I can tell, no sequel. Sorry Jay!

I’ve made some doll clothes for Sophie’s doll. I totally want to make more. And do you think it’s wrong for me to want to buy her a Barbie just so I can make clothes for it? Just wondering. Because I really want to! I’ve got lots of scraps that I can use.

Soccer Time – Here’s Jay

It’s city league soccer time. Last night I took some video of Jay at his game. He was cracking us up because he seemed to spend more time down on the ground than anyone else.

Sai is playing soccer, too. I wasn’t able to take any video at his last game. Joe is the coach–he volunteered about 30 minutes before the game because the team was coachless. So I spent the game talking to parents, handing out picture forms and discussing the treat schedule. I even missed Sai’s goal. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some video on Saturday, especially since he has a double-header.

Summer Vacation 2010

Vacation 119

I’ve finally got all the photos up from vacation. I’m going to post a few highlights and let you check out the rest here.

The first day we drove as far as Mesquite, NV. We had Joe’s cousin Ada with us. She spent the summer with Joe’s mom and we were taking her back home to her family. The kids were so AWESOME in the van. It helped that we bought a dual screen DVD player to help keep them entertained.

Vacation 002

Mesquite was so H*O*T! We went bowling while we waited for it to cool down enough for us to go swimming. Joe had his best bowling game ever. I think he had at least one turkey, tons of strikes and spares. I did pretty well considering that Sophie insisted on holding my hand while I bowled. She was having a slight meltdown, poor girl. If she would have slept in the van…

Vacation 006

Vacation 009

The next morning we drove to Joe’s Grandparents. Ada lives next door so that was her stop, too. While we spent time with Joe’s grandparents and his aunt and uncle the kids played hard. Sai and Jay played dress up with Sale. Ada dressed Sophie up as well.

Vacation 018

Vacation 021

Vacation 023

We spent one night with them and then it was time for us to head on down to San Diego. We took some pictures with Joe’s grandparents before saying good-bye.

Vacation 025

(This picture cracks me up because Joe is sitting in Grandpa’s Jazzy and the boys are making crazy faces.)

The next day we hit the beach. I think the specific one we visited was Mission Beach. We met up with some of Joe’s family on his dad’s side. The kids liked the sand. But the water was super cold and seaweedy.

Vacation 033

Vacation 034

Vacation 035

Vacation 037

(This is the only picture of me at the beach you’ll see. Just my feet.)

The kids all had to get buried in the sand. The extra kid in these pictures is Bubba. He’s the son of one of Joe’s cousins. At the end Jay had so much sand in his shorts I’m sure he was quite chaffed and exfoliated!

Buried in the Sand vacay 2010

After the beach we went back to our motel to shower. Joe and I were lobster red! I sunscreened Sophie, no burn there. I couldn’t get the boys to sit still to get sunscreened up so luckily they were just slightly pink on the shoulders. After freshening up we went to Joe’s aunt Angela’s house for a family barbecue. And it was YUMMY! There were burgers. But most importantly good homemade Mexican food: carne asada, beans and rice. One of my most favorite meals. I didn’t get any pictures of Angela but I got this one of Joe and his aunt Erma.

Vacation 049

The next day was Sea World day! There are so many pictures here so you’ll just have to go check them all out (link at the top). And yes, we totally forgot our stroller and had to rent on for Sophie. $17 dollars!! But worth it.

Vacation 051

Vacation 052

The boys had to see the sharks first thing. They loved them.

Vacation 054

All of us, except Sophie, touched the rays.

Vacation 065

Vacation 068

Joe, Sai and Jay sat in the soak zone for the Shamu show. Sophie and I were smarter than that. Here are the guys getting soaked!

Vacation 080

Vacation 082

Vacation 089

Vacation 091

The last time we went to Sea World, about six years ago when Sai was the age Sophie is now, it seemed small. We spent most of the day there and didn’t see everything. But by the time we left everyone was exhausted!

Vacation 121

Then we woke the kids up early and started the long trek home.

Vacation 122

And we left the backpack/diaper bag/camera bag in the breakfast area of the hotel. We didn’t realize it until we were three hours away! Luckily I had stashed our pre-purchased Sea World tickets, which had our names on them, in the backpack so they knew it was ours. It arrived safely the other day with all items accounted for.

I think that this was one of the best vacations ever. We had a lot of fun. The kids were awesome! And everyone was happy.

We’re all ready talking about what we can do next year for vacation. We’re thinking some place different. Northern California or maybe Colorado. We have lots of time to figure that out!

Her Princessness

Princess Sophie

It’s Grandma M’s turn to perpetuate Sophie’s princessness. Grandma bought Sophie this princess dress.

Sophie L-O-V-E-S to wear this dress. I ask her if she is Belle or Cinderella and she says that she is ‘Ella. She likes to match this outfit with her Ariel velcro light up athletic shoes that we bought for cooler weather. Yes, it’s a stunning little outfit. And I think we are set for Halloween, too!


In other news our backpack was delivered today. Camera included. YAY! Vacation pictures will be forthcoming after a bit of editing.

Third Grade

Sai first day of third grade

Can you believe it?! Sai starts third grade today. Oh man! He’s so excited for third grade at his new school. I was worried and couldn’t sleep thinking about him in a new school.

When we went to back to school night last night they didn’t have Sai listed in any class. I went to the office and they had him in the computer but had forgotten to assign him a class. WHAT? Maybe in the confusion of transferring schools??? He’s in Miss Pace’s class and he’s super excited.

Later today I take Jay to get his Kindergarten assessment. He’s excited too. I can’t imagine what it will be like to have two kids in school!


Funny story from last night.

We were driving home and Joe and I were talking about whether to get fish or a hamster as a pet. Sai was eavesdropping on us. When we pulled in to the garage he asks what we were talking about. Joe decides to tease Sai and says we were trying to decide what pet to trade Sai in for.

Poor Sai didn’t realize Joe was teasing and just started crying! I felt bad and I’m sure Joe felt worse. I got out of my seat and went to hug Sai and tell him we were teasing — tried to calm him down.

Jay pipes up from the back “Dad, you need to choose the right.” Way to go Jay!

Vacation is Over

Our awesome family vacation is now over. I’ll post more about it and some pictures…when we get our camera back. It’s being shipped home, along with our backpack, and some other random bits in the backpack, that got left at the breakfast table before the long trek home. Our hotel is kindly shipping it back, at our expense, of course.

Her First Hair Cut

My little Sophie had her first hair cut over the weekend. She has this beautiful curly brown hair (with red and blond highlights). The ends of her hair were to the point that I couldn’t get a comb through them. When I would try to style Sophie’s hair she would get mad at me when I would try to comb out the tangles in the ends.

I didn’t want to be the one to cut Sophie’s hair. I thought that she would get mad at me, I would cut it all crooked, and that she would decide that she could cut her hair as well. I enlisted my mom to cut Sophie’s hair. We had Sophie sit at the counter and my mom cut barely an inch off all around, then evened out the back since one side was longer than the other. I know it was just a small amount but it made Sophie look different!

Not thinking ahead I didn’t bring my camera. So I resorted to using my phone to take some (low quality) pictures. I love that you can see my dad snoozing away in the background.

Sophie hair cut 1

Sophie hair cut 2

Sophie hair cut 3

Sophie hair cut 4

I need to take a good after picture. She just has the cutest little curls! And yesterday I straightened her hair. It was actually really cute but it made Sophie look like a completely different girl.

My countdown to vacation continues. I’ve already packed the boys’ suitcases. Sophie’s clothes are all set aside and waiting for me to decide where to pack them. I’ll do some laundry tonight then start packing my clothes. I just have to make it through a few more days of work and my aunt’s funeral and then it will be vacation time.