Look Mom! I Posted!

My mom keeps reminding me that I haven’t updated my blog in a long time. Yes, over three months! I have very lame excuses for this. Like:

I’m too busy and I have a day job – I can find the time for other stuff so I’m sure I can find time for this, too.

I don’t have anything to say – my boys have had birthdays, I’ve done a little sewing, the kids have said some awesomely funny things, the boys are taking drum lessons, and we’re planning our first real vacation in years…See, stuff to write about.

Facebook is easier – uh, I know.

See, lame excuses. L-A-M-E!!!

Then my boss sent me a link to this blog post. I heard him at his desk laughing and laughing. Then he emailed me the link. Yes, funny. Sharts always seem funny…after the fact.

Then I went on and read Alex’s older posts. WOW. It was inspiring. It made me think a lot about Joe’s heart attack and bypass surgery. Alex has been through a lot with her husband and the lingering effects of his stroke are ever-present in their family’s life. (She even had some of the same feeling and thoughts that I had…If I’m at the hospital with Joe I’m abandoning my kids, if I’m home with the kids then I’m abandoning Joe at the hospital). And through it all she has taken the time to write things about her family.

I’m hoping that this feeling of inspiration lasts and that I can keep more current on my blog.

So what has been going on…

Jay had a birthday. He is 5! He’s going to be going to kindergarten. His class starts on September 1st. Jay is the sweetest little man. He has such a tender heart and takes things personally. And he is so loving and nice.

Jay's 5th - 1

Jay's 5th - 2

Sai had a birthday. He is 8! He’s going to be in 3rd grade and his class starts in three weeks! And this week is his first week at Cub Scouts. (I’m feeling old and ancient right about now!) Sai is a good big brother and helps out a lot.

Sai's 8th - 1

Sai's 8th - 2

We tried potty training Sophie. And gave up. I’m a wimp. She is a self-proclaimed Princess, as she loudly let people know in the store last week: “I Prinpess!”

Sophie Princess

The kids have had a good summer. Joe’s cousin Felesha is watching the kids for us again. (YES!) They love her so much that they are excited when she comes and I leave for work. They go to the library every Tuesday and participated in the summer reading program. They have been doing a summer movie series ever Thursday at a local theater. They play games, watch videos and hang out. It’s just too hot to do much else. (Thankfully we have central air this summer. YES!)

The boys started drum lessons. AWESOME! We started with a child-sized kit given to us by Joe’s friend. They soon wore it out. Now we have a newer regular sized kit which sounds pretty amazing! (Thank you KSL classifieds!)


We have Drum Teacher Jaron who is a student at one of the local universities. (Thank you Craig’s LIst!) Jaron is amazing with the kids. He’s figured out how to teach them at their own pace and in a way that they won’t get discouraged. It’s been pretty amazing to listen to them and hear the music and not just noise. I did a little sneaky video of Sai rocking out a the end of one of his lessons. He’s just having fun here.

After Sai realized he was on YouTube and saw his video he seemed more interested in having me film him. So be warned, more vids of kids and drums will probably be coming your way.

I had a little birthday last week, too. 35. YIKES! It’s so close to 40. When I fill out survey’s I’m now in the 35 to 44 range. Joe and I both took the day off and we spent it hanging out with the kids and eating good food. It was a really good day! And I got a replacement iPod with the money I got. (It’s a sad, sad story of loss. And listening to radio and commercials is pure torture!)

I’ve done a little sewing. Made some doll clothes for Sophie’s babies and I’m wanting to make more. I did this pattern and want to try this one next. My sister Tracy and I have been working on Halloween quilts using the Riley Blake Boo! To You line. I’m hoping to have it completely done in time to actually use it before Halloween. And maybe I’ll also finish the Halloween wall hanging I started last year.

And in a week and a half we are headed to sunny southern California! The last “vacation” we had was three years ago. We took a quick weekend to the coast while living in Oregon. That was when I first suspected I was pregnant with Sophie and before the great layoffs and subsequent move to Utah. So we are in need of a vacation. Jay and Sophie have never been to California. Sophie has never been to the beach. First we are going to Joe’s grandparents to visit for  a day or so. Then we are off to San Diego. We plan to hit the beach at Coronado, maybe the tide pools in La Jolla. Hopefully have time to visit Joe’s aunts and cousins on his dad’s side whom Jay and Sophie have not yet met. Then a day at the fabulous Sea World — we already bought our tickets! It’s going to be awesome, I think. That is, if we can survive the great car ride. And I have to say that doing a road trip in a minivan is going to be so much better than being cramped in the truck. If things get dicey on the way home we may need to crash at my sister Dena’s place in Vegas and take an extra day off. But if the kids do well on the 10 to 12 hour drive we’ll push on and do it in a day.

Whew! Now we are all caught up. Hopefully I’ll keep it up this time.


1 Response to “Look Mom! I Posted!”

  1. 1 Dena August 5, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    You’re always welcome to stay with us. We even have a spare bedroom now. Thanks for posting. It has been a long time, though I do see what’s happening on fb.

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