Third Grade

Sai first day of third grade

Can you believe it?! Sai starts third grade today. Oh man! He’s so excited for third grade at his new school. I was worried and couldn’t sleep thinking about him in a new school.

When we went to back to school night last night they didn’t have Sai listed in any class. I went to the office and they had him in the computer but had forgotten to assign him a class. WHAT? Maybe in the confusion of transferring schools??? He’s in Miss Pace’s class and he’s super excited.

Later today I take Jay to get his Kindergarten assessment. He’s excited too. I can’t imagine what it will be like to have two kids in school!


Funny story from last night.

We were driving home and Joe and I were talking about whether to get fish or a hamster as a pet. Sai was eavesdropping on us. When we pulled in to the garage he asks what we were talking about. Joe decides to tease Sai and says we were trying to decide what pet to trade Sai in for.

Poor Sai didn’t realize Joe was teasing and just started crying! I felt bad and I’m sure Joe felt worse. I got out of my seat and went to hug Sai and tell him we were teasing — tried to calm him down.

Jay pipes up from the back “Dad, you need to choose the right.” Way to go Jay!


1 Response to “Third Grade”

  1. 1 Nann August 24, 2010 at 10:11 am

    He is getting so big and looks so handsome. Loved the hair. He really is growing up. Can;t wait to hear about Jay’s school fun.

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