Soccer Time – Here’s Sai

Sorry, another soccer post.


Sai had a double-header on Saturday. When we got to the field the sprinklers were going. And the sprinklers changed to our side of the field and we all got wet! Poor Sophie was strapped in her stroller and I think it freaked her out.

They were able to play the second game. Here’s some video for it. Sai’s not as aggressive as Jay. He kind of just skips along after the ball but doesn’t really go after it. Funny kid.

And we’d like to thank all the family that came to watch. Sorry that there wasn’t a game right at 9. Thanks for coming and supporting Sai, we really appreciate it!


This morning Jay work up and started telling me in great detail about Nemo 2. He’s so sure that a sequel to Finding Nemo is coming. I’m thinking he just had a really vivid dream. He was telling me all about the sharks in the movie and how excited he was to see it. I checked it out on IMDB and as far as I can tell, no sequel. Sorry Jay!

I’ve made some doll clothes for Sophie’s doll. I totally want to make more. And do you think it’s wrong for me to want to buy her a Barbie just so I can make clothes for it? Just wondering. Because I really want to! I’ve got lots of scraps that I can use.


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