He’s Ready for Kindergarten, but Maybe I’m Not!

Jay's first day of kindergarten

Look at my Jay! This was Wednesday morning right before we left for his first day of kindergarten. I can’t believe he’s a school boy now.

We didn’t have the best morning. Jay had a little case of the nerves. As soon as he woke up he said that he didn’t want to school. When I vetoed that he said that he was too tired. I told him that means that he will just have to go to bed earlier. Then he said that his tummy hurt. I had to gently lay down the law. Once he realized there was no getting out of it he was actually quite happy. Then Sai and Jay started playing, instead of eating breakfast, while I finished getting ready and we got behind schedule. We ended up with a big rush and almost being late! Which fortunately didn’t leave me time to get emotional about sending Jay off to school.

I pulled up to the school and dropped Sai off on his side of the school. Then drove around to Jay’s side of the school. The bell had already rung and kids were heading in to class. I asked Jay if he wanted me to walk him in and he said no. So he took off to school all by himself. And he went in the wrong door! I parked the van and ran into the door he went in. Jay was standing in one of the other kindergarten rooms looking bewildered. I got his attention and helped him through the hall to his class. Silly kid.

Jay said he made some friends but he couldn’t remember their names. I think he enjoyed school. However, he’s not quite so sure about going every day. We had to explain that every day Sai goes to school he goes also.

Day two is always better. We weren’t as rushed. So I had time to be emotional. Here’s the text I sent Joe once I got to work, it sums it up best:

So I cried a little dropping Jay off today. Maybe I’m just having a hard time watching our little man grow up. He gave me a kiss and a comforting hug before he got out…and went in the wrong door again.

I just love how Jay always knows when his mama needs some love. He’s such an awesome boy and I love him so much.

Today was another milestone. We let Sai walk home from school. We’ve always lived too far away for him to walk. It was so hard to let him be a big kid! We talked with our next door neighbor and made arrangements for Sai to walk home with her kids. We also laid down the rules to help him be safe. This morning while he ate breakfast I grilled him on the rules. Then asked Felesha, our babysitter, to text me as soon as he got home. I sat anxiously at my desk waiting for the text. I got it 25 minutes after school was out. She told me that Sai said it was a long walk (half a mile). But I think he really enjoyed it. He is excited to walk home every day. Wow! He’s such a big kid!

And with the boys both in school that leaves Sophie home alone with Felesha. And Sophie is loving her alone time with Felesha.

I’m so glad that this week is nearly over. I’ve been over emotional and anxious about a lot of things. So I’m really ready for a three-day weekend!


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