Salem Pond

A few weeks back we went to Salem Pond. Joe had contacted his brother and his wife, Manny and Elyssa, and they met up with us there. The main point of this outing was to catch catfish. The only fish that was nearly caught was a huge carp. Joe had set his pole done to help Jay with his. While Joe’s pole was unattended the carp snagged the line and took off with Joe’s pole. Manny did some sweet casting and hooked onto Joe’s pole and reeled it in, with the carp still attached! However, once Joe got his pole and started reeling it in the carp got lose. Here’s Manny reeling in Joe’s pole and carp.

Salem Pond 01

The kids fed the ducks. There was this crazy goose who kept trying to get a little too close to Sophie and me. It kind of scared me a little.

Salem Pond 02

The boys did a little fishing.

Salem Pond 03

Then there was a lot of playing in the mud…

Salem Pond 04

…While wearing new pants. *sigh*

Salem Pond 05

But they sure had a good time!

Salem Pond 06


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