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Popcorn Kernel

This morning while in a meeting I got a call from Felesha, our babysitter. I could hear Sophie crying in the background and Felesha, in a very panicked voice, tell me that Sophie put a popcorn kernel up her nose and that they couldn’t get it out.


I called the pediatrician’s office and talked with a nurse. She said to definitely bring her in and if they can’t get it they’ll send us to an Ear/Nose/Throat doc. I rushed home and picked up  Felesha and Sophie. On the short drive to the doctor’s office Sophie cried “Owie! Owie!” I felt so bad for her.

And you know that a child is in pain when they want to rush into the exam room for the doctor to check them out.

The doc had her lay down on the exam table. I had to hold her hands down. And we could immediately see the popcorn kernel in her nose. He got his handy-dandy tool (I’m sure Joe knows the technical term for it) and removed the popcorn. YAY! He checked both nostrils just to make sure we were all clear.

Has Sophie learned her lesson? Have any of my kids? We will add the popcorn kernel to the list of beads, mini M&Ms and rocks that my children have stuffed up their noses.

BTW, there is a disturbing number of pictures on Google images of popcorn in the nose.

Reality Check

Before yesterday I thought Gwenyth Platrow was an amusing actress. I really liked her on Glee. Yesterday I heard about her website GOOP and an article written by her and two of her rich/famous working mom friends. It was basically a day in the life for them. Wow. My opinion of her has really shifted, and not in a good way.

It didn’t seem real.

So here’s a day in the life of an average working mom — me.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

6:00 am – Sophie wakes up and crawls into bed with me. Joe is already up and ready for work. He’s out of the house before 6:30.

6:40 am – Alarm on phone goes off. I hit snooze.

6:50 am – Alarm goes off again. Turn off alarm. Lay in bed and check email and Facebook on phone.

6:55 am – I drag myself out of bed to get ready. Sophie flops out of the bed onto the floor and watches me get ready. I do makeup and for some reason decide to curl my hair which takes longer. Then get dressed.

7:35 am – The boys slept well. I have to go wake them up. Jay gets up; Sai grumbles and stays in bed. I help Sophie and Jay get dressed.

7:50 am – I tell Sai he has to get out of bed now. I tell him that he has five minutes to eat and five minutes to get dressed.

7:55 am – Make breakfast for kids. Sai pours his cereal while I pour Jay’s. Sai puts milk in both of their bowls. Thank you Sai! Sophie insists on a PB&J for breakfast. Really Sophie? I make hot chocolate to take with me to work. Yum. Get text from Felesha. (babysitter extraordinaire! Life would be miserable without her.) She’s running late.

8:05 am – Start van. Get the kids in coats, shoes and backpacks.

8:10 am – Load kids in van, including Sophie. We’re running late! As I start pulling out of the driveway Felesha pulls up. I stop and hand Sophie over to her. Take the boys to school.

8:16 am – Arrive at school. Bell has already rung. Can’t get to the door, though, because some mom decided to park in the drop-off zone and block everyone else!

8:30 am – I finally make it to my desk, a few minutes later than usual. Time for work, work, work.

10:15 am – I text back and forth with Jay’s friend’s mom to finalize details for a play date on Wednesday. Text the details to Felesha so she knows what is going to happen as well.

12:35 pm – Lunch time. I spend my time multi-tasking by eating and reading a new book on my Nook color: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I have it for free for two weeks from my local Overdrive library.

3:50 pm – I text back and forth with Joe after he gets off work. Joe says he is doing the dishes. He also gets Sai working on homework. Then Joe lays down on the couch to rest because he has a killer headache. He said Jay and Sophie walked on his back giving him a back massage – lucky Joe.

4:30-ish pm – I read an article about the Goop post. Then go read the actual post on Goop. Get riled up and the totally non-average working mom kind of things that are going on in the article.

5:05 pm – Leave desk. Going home. YAY!

5:25 pm – Arrive home. Figure out what to make for dinner. I check out a new recipe I want to try but it says that it takes at least 45 minutes to prepare. On to plan B. What’s plan B? Really need to go grocery shopping. Decide to make the good old standby of stroganoff. As I brown the meat and shallots and garlic I supervise Sai as he cuts the mushrooms. As stroganoff simmers and noodles cook make menu and shopping list for coming week. Plan on grocery shopping tomorrow.

6:00 pm – Dinner time! We all sit down together to eat. It’s a rare occurrence where all five of us aren’t together for dinner. We eat, we talk.

6:30 pm – We’re still sitting at the table having a good time drawing mustaches on our fingers and imitating mustachioed Joe. Then I discover just how loose Sai’s loose tooth is. I bribe him (YES! I said it, I bribe him). I say if he pulls his tooth before 6:45 then we’ll go get ice cream. Sai tries and then psychs himself out and asks me to help him. I pull out the tooth, Sai cries, I feel bad for making him cry. And we caught it all on video. Although I don’t know the quality of the video since Jay and Sophie helped film it.

6:55 pm – I put the leftovers in the fridge and stack the dishes in the sink to tackle when we get home. Sophie promptly falls asleep as soon as we start driving off. First we run to the craft store to buy a poster board for Joe for some Cub Scout project. Joe is the Bear Den guy (I don’t know all the scout terminology yet) and Sai is in the Wolf Den. We head to Baskin Robbins, finally manage to wake Sophie and everyone gets some good ice cream. Yes, I love ice cream even in January.

7:55 pm – Arrive back home. Joe works on the dishes. I head upstairs with the kids. I give Sophie a bath while Sai and Jay put on PJs, brush teeth and go potty.  I get Sophie out of the bath and get her dressed. I give the boys kisses goodnight.

8:10 pm – I put Sophie in bed. She doesn’t want to go to bed because she had a nap while we ran to the craft store. Joe rescues her. Joe, Sophie and I sit on the couch and start watching episode 1 of The Cape which we DVRed but hadn’t yet watched. Joe combs Sophie’s wet hair. I start making a list of what happened during my day. And I sit and think of what still needs to happen tonight before going to bed. *sigh*

9:35 pm – Put Sophie in bed.

9:40 pm – Shower time. It’s a hair washing night. I hate washing my hair because that means I have to dry it.

10:00 pm – I talk Joe into helping out the Tooth Fairy. Joe and I lay down in bed and talk and read.

10:40 pm – Lights out. Good night!

My day in the life is so different from that of a rich and famous working mom. I think they need a reality check. I’d like to see them spend a day like mine and see how they can handle it. And this wasn’t even a day spent paying bills, doing laundry, cleaning the house.

Sai’s Big Day

My son Sai got baptized this past Saturday. I’m very proud of him for making this decision and for being an amazing example for his brother and sister. Sai was baptized by his dad and confirmed by his Grandpa M.

Sai Baptism 1-1

Sai Baptism 4-1

Halloween Quilt

Halloween Quilt 1

Halloween Quilt 2

My sister Tracy and I have been working on these Halloween quilts.  I believe that the fabric line is Boo to You by Riley Blake. But I could be wrong. I pieced it all together. Tracy helped me figure out the back. And my sister Carrie did the quilting. I hurried and bound it so we can enjoy this month. I just may keep it on through November, too! My goal is to have seasonal quilts to put on my couch. It might take me a few years to get them all made, but this is a great start. Thanks to my awesome sisters for all of their help!

My Cute Kids

Kids 9-12-10

A few weeks ago we went to Salem Pond. I took a few pictures but this was my favorite. Maybe when I’ve got more time I can edit and post the rest.

Soccer Time – Here’s Jay

It’s city league soccer time. Last night I took some video of Jay at his game. He was cracking us up because he seemed to spend more time down on the ground than anyone else.

Sai is playing soccer, too. I wasn’t able to take any video at his last game. Joe is the coach–he volunteered about 30 minutes before the game because the team was coachless. So I spent the game talking to parents, handing out picture forms and discussing the treat schedule. I even missed Sai’s goal. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some video on Saturday, especially since he has a double-header.

Her Princessness

Princess Sophie

It’s Grandma M’s turn to perpetuate Sophie’s princessness. Grandma bought Sophie this princess dress.

Sophie L-O-V-E-S to wear this dress. I ask her if she is Belle or Cinderella and she says that she is ‘Ella. She likes to match this outfit with her Ariel velcro light up athletic shoes that we bought for cooler weather. Yes, it’s a stunning little outfit. And I think we are set for Halloween, too!


In other news our backpack was delivered today. Camera included. YAY! Vacation pictures will be forthcoming after a bit of editing.