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Halloween Quilt

Halloween Quilt 1

Halloween Quilt 2

My sister Tracy and I have been working on these Halloween quilts.  I believe that the fabric line is Boo to You by Riley Blake. But I could be wrong. I pieced it all together. Tracy helped me figure out the back. And my sister Carrie did the quilting. I hurried and bound it so we can enjoy this month. I just may keep it on through November, too! My goal is to have seasonal quilts to put on my couch. It might take me a few years to get them all made, but this is a great start. Thanks to my awesome sisters for all of their help!

Some Sewing

Sophie and I spent Saturday at my mom’s house sewing. My mom, four of my sisters and two of my nieces were there. I made this for Sophie.

Sophie's new dress

And can I say, as much as I love Amy Butler’s fabric, her patterns are not that easy to follow! I kept having to ask my mom, an expert seamstress, questions and she said that the directions were not very clear. And it would be nice to have actual photos of the steps, not just drawings of some of the steps. But anyway… I finished it, except for the bow on the front. I was so frustrated at the end that I was just ready to call it quits. My mom offered to finish it for me but I was so determined to finish it and be done (plus, I wanted Sophie to wear it to church on Sunday).

Here we are early in the day. Not all of us were set up at this point. My parents just added this big room onto their house. My husband calls it the cultural hall (I think some of you will get it).

Sewing 2

Here’s Sophie sitting with Aunt Nanna while I was trying to cut out her dress. She was playing with the scraps from my sister Carrie and me.

Sewing 1

And here’s Sophie sewing with Aunt Tracy.

Sewing 3

My sisters and mom and nieces were great. They tried to distract Sophie so I could sew. She was being a big Mama’s girl. I think she was afraid that I was going to leave her.

Next on my list of things to sew is a diaper bag. It’s from the same book (got it for Christmas). I’m kind of nervous now, after the attempt to sew the dress. Hopefully it will be a lot easier since it’s just a bag.

I’m Not a Loser…


Can you believe it? I won the fabulous quilt that the Fabulous Dana at Old Red Barn gave away. I think I’m still in shock!

It’s funny because I was on the computer earlier this morning and was going to go check out Dana’s blog but I ran out of time. So while I was eating lunch my sister calls and says “Congratulations!” I was confused. I asked why she was congratulating me and she told me I had won the quilt. So I get on the computer and check out my blog where Dana had left a comment. Then I checked out Dana’s blog and saw this…


YIPEE!!! I never win. But today I am a winner. 😀

Now what I was originally going to post seems so lame. But I’ll post it anyway. Yesterday was Sewing with Rhonda day. After my failed sewing projects last week I wanted to do something that I could finish and that I felt I would feel satisfaction doing. So I made a doll quilt with some fabric scraps.

Doll Quilt

Each square started out as a 2″ block. I’ve never worked with pieces so small. I assembled the front then added the yellow border. I drew on a pattern to do the machine quilting. This was only my second attempt at machine quilting since I got the darning foot for my machine last summer. I didn’t follow the pattern exactly. So it’s even more random. I’m going to have to practice at this free-motion quilting thing. I put on a binding and washed it, to get the markings off. And here it is. The finished size is 16″ X 13″, in fact, it looks more like a place mat than a doll quilt. Not very big but I was pleased with how it turned out. My next attempt will be bigger. But it was fun to do a project start to finish and to like what I did.

Or maybe I’m still on a quilt-winning high!

I Regress

I Regress

It’s been about 6 months since I’ve had a Coke. I’ve been fighting the urge to drink one for a couple weeks now. But this weekend the words “I need a Coke!” came out of my mouth. And Joe bought me one! Probably because he said “I need a Pepsi” a week ago and I bought him one even though he isn’t supposed to have caffeine because of his heart.

That Coke tasted so good. I’m afraid I may have regressed for good. But I will try to resist for a few more months. I don’t want to drink it during the next 8 weeks and during the nursing months that will follow. This is the only pregnancy I’ve had that I’ve been able to give up Coke–maybe that’s why I’m having a girl this time! (I know that’s not the reason but it sounds good.)

So this morning while balancing the checkbook and paying bills I finished off my Coke and some Snickers minis. It made bill paying more relaxing. Yeah, more relaxing. 😉 I still have to file everything away and I’m out of Coke. My ice water will have to suffice.

serena's gift

My friend Serena received her blanket from me this past weekend. So now I can show the finished project. I think it turned out well. I still so love these fabrics!

Another Finished Project

It was sewing with Rhonda day again. Today I decided to make a Seamstress Apron by Craft Apple. I bought the pattern sometime last summer. I finally made it today.

It was really a lot easier to make than I expected. I only made one alteration to the pattern… The waist band length is determined by your waist size plus 9 inches. Well, I didn’t want to do it that way since I’m 32 weeks pregnant. (I measured my waist out of curiosity after reading that instruction and about died laughing!) So I made the waist band really long so I can tie it around my waist now and in the future.

So here it is!

Seamstress Apron

Rhonda took the pictures and said that I should do a profile pic so you can see my tummy. (She told me today that my tummy is really getting big. It wasn’t meant meanly, especially considering the conversation we were having.) So here is the profile view of my apron on a 32-week bump.

Seamstress Apron profile

The fabric is a collection of corduroy (Tracy & Dena, do you recognize this?). It’s not springy/summery, but still dang cute! Rhonda has requested an apron. Of course I’ll oblige, especially since she’s throwing me a baby shower next week.

*** *** ***

I have to throw this in because it is too funny!

Last night while eating dinner we were talking about babies. I think Jay gets that there is a baby in my tummy but I don’t think he gets that it is coming out soon. So we were talking about how one day soon the baby in my tummy will come out and come home to live with us. And Sai says “It will come out your bum.”

I tried to suppress my laughter because I didn’t want him to get upset. But I got out of some big long explanation by saying that the doctor will cut open my stomach and pull the baby out. Whew! Now I have to think of what I’m going to say when the baby comes home and I change the diaper and there aren’t any boy parts.

I’m Giddy!

More sewing today. And I’m giddy with what I’ve done. I made shoes. Oh yeah. And it must be addicting because I want to make more! I used this pattern (not the pattern I originally was going to try).

cloth shoes 2

The pattern suggested enlarging/reducing to make different sized shoes. I used my printer and reduced it to 70% for the smaller pair. Once I had the pattern pieces printed I encased them in contact paper so they would be sturdier. (I wrote the percentage of original size on the back of the pattern before I encased them so I would be able to keep them straight.) I also used an xacto to cut the slits on the top piece for the placement of the elastic slits.

I made the big pair in the original pattern size first. Just to make sure I could do it. The pattern suggests using leather for the soles. Since I made these for non-walking babies I used fleece (got a 1 yard 60″ wide remnant from Wal-Mart for less than $2). And I used one fat quarter to make both pairs of shoes, including the lining, and still had a bit of fabric left over. And that was after cutting out one piece again because of a boo-boo. And I used pinking shears to try and reduce the fray factor.

For the slits inside the top for the elastic the pattern suggested making button holes. Well, I’ve only tried button holes on my machine once and I’m not very confident in my button hole making. So I used fray check and doused the areas for the slits. After it dried I used my seam ripper to make the slits. I’m hoping this will help avoid fraying there as well.

In the pattern it also says to pin on the top and the back then sew. I pinned on the top and sewed it on, then I pinned on the back and sewed it on. It was easier for me plus then I had fewer pins at once to contend with.

After making the big pair it took no time at all to whip up the smaller pair. Here is the smaller pair next to my phone so you can see how tiny they are. (Ooooo… so cute!)

cloth shoes 1

And now I’m addicted! I want to make more and more! And I want to be all fancy and embellish them with embroidery and beads. (Partly because I got this book and am feeling inspired to embroider. I also got this book and want to make stuff out of it too.)

So for now, the crafty sewing roll is still rolling. YAY!!!! I hope it lasts for a while.

*** *** ***

I have to share e-mail between my sister and me about this–I sent pictures to my mom and two sisters and my friend Rhonda. It cracks me up. (My editorial comments are in blue.)

Me: I’m giddy so I have to share what I made today. I think they are so cute and want to make more! And they were much easier than I expected. I took a picture next to my phone so you could see how small they are.

Tracy: Way Cute! They are so little. I think you need them in every color to match Baby M’s outfits. {Baby is not named so Tracy is referring to her as Baby M because our last name starts with M.}

Me:Totally! That’s what I said to Nann {another sister}. I can teach her young to want coordinating shoes for all her outfits! 🙂 An  Imelda in training. {Because we always call Tracy Imelda for her shoe collection.}

Tracy: Yes, I purchased four pair of shoes this month! {See, told ya!}Two replacements, and two fun sandals for summer. Baby M and I can hang out together.

Man, I love my family!

Crafty Sewing Update

I was so excited to be sewing today. In fact, last night as I was in bed I kept thinking about sewing. That hasn’t happened to me for a while.

Today I was able to check off the first three things on my list:

Finish diaper case/changing pad for Sai’s teacher

Diaper Case and Changing Pad

Pencil roll for Sai’s teacher aide (inspired by this)

Pencil Roll

Baby gift for Serena. (Sorry no picture yet. I want her to get it before I post it. She needs some sort of surprise!)

I was so in the zone! And I’m still pumped so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to work on the rest of my list.