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Sunday Afternoon

1-30-11 01

This afternoon Joe sat down to teach Sai how to play chess. Or “chest”, as Sai likes to call it. A few chess pieces were missing so Sai dug out some Lego guys to help.

As we were sitting around I snapped some pictures. Here’s Sophie and her long hair. I can’t believe how long it is getting!

1-30-11 02

Sai in action!

1-30-11 04

Jay showed off his Jack Be Nimble that he made in school.

1-30-11 05

Here’s Sophie being cheesy with me.

1-30-11 07

Joe patiently waiting for Sai.

1-30-11 08

And the silly faces.

1-30-11 09

1-30-11 10

1-30-11 11

Snow Shoes

We finally tried out our snow shoes.

Snow shoeing 01

It was a lot of fun…and a lot of work!

Snow shoeing 04

Joe, Sai and I have snow shoes. However, Jay and Sophie don’t. They got to ride in a sled that Joe pulled.

Snow shoeing 02

The scenery was beautiful!

Snow shoeing 05

Snow shoeing 06

Snow shoeing 07

Snow shoeing 08

We even saw some wild life.

Snow shoeing 09

Snow shoeing 11

We took a snack break.

Snow shoeing 12

Then the kids played in the snow.

Snow shoeing 15

Snow shoeing 16

We took off our snow shoes…

Snow shoeing 17

Then tried to walk through the snow. I ended up knee-deep in the snow. Joe ended up hip-deep in the snow. Those snow shoes really do work!

Sai’s Big Day

My son Sai got baptized this past Saturday. I’m very proud of him for making this decision and for being an amazing example for his brother and sister. Sai was baptized by his dad and confirmed by his Grandpa M.

Sai Baptism 1-1

Sai Baptism 4-1

October is Almost Over?

Halloween walkway

This is our front walkway. Nice and spooky!

I can’t believe October is almost over. This month has flown by.  I really couldn’t tell you much of what has happened. But here’s what has happened this weekend.

The kids had a Halloween party at their Grandma M’s yesterday. They love getting dressed up! I put Sophie’s hair in curlers and made up her face. She wiped some of it off before pictures, but she was still a beauty. The mask for Sai’s skeleton costume is super scary, so I painted his face instead. And Jay’s Ironman 2 costume is pretty sweet.

Jay, Sophie and Sai

Here they are at Grandma’s party with their cousin Jared. Sophie refused to sit down and possibly get dirt on her princess dress. And can I say, it’s hard to fasten a five-point harness around a dress with a hoop in it.

Halloween costumes 03

And I love this picture of Sai and Jay. They are pretty fierce!

Sai and Jay

Earlier in the day I took Sophie to get her picture taken. The boys got school portraits but I didn’t have a new picture of Sophie. The pictures were all so cute but with the coupon I had I could only pick one pose. That was hard because she was such the little model and had tons of cute pictures. I chose this first one because it will go well with the pictures of the boys.

Sophie 12

And look how cute she is in a few of the others!

Sophie 14

Sophie 10

Sophie 05

When we went back to Joe’s parent’s to pick up the kids the clouds were so low on the mountains. It looked pretty awesome. I took so many pictures but we were driving and they didn’t turn out so well. These two were the best. (And yes, that is S-N-O-W on the mountains!! I’m not ready for snow, I’m really enjoying this cool rainy weather.)


Clouds and snow

Salem Pond

A few weeks back we went to Salem Pond. Joe had contacted his brother and his wife, Manny and Elyssa, and they met up with us there. The main point of this outing was to catch catfish. The only fish that was nearly caught was a huge carp. Joe had set his pole done to help Jay with his. While Joe’s pole was unattended the carp snagged the line and took off with Joe’s pole. Manny did some sweet casting and hooked onto Joe’s pole and reeled it in, with the carp still attached! However, once Joe got his pole and started reeling it in the carp got lose. Here’s Manny reeling in Joe’s pole and carp.

Salem Pond 01

The kids fed the ducks. There was this crazy goose who kept trying to get a little too close to Sophie and me. It kind of scared me a little.

Salem Pond 02

The boys did a little fishing.

Salem Pond 03

Then there was a lot of playing in the mud…

Salem Pond 04

…While wearing new pants. *sigh*

Salem Pond 05

But they sure had a good time!

Salem Pond 06

My Cute Kids

Kids 9-12-10

A few weeks ago we went to Salem Pond. I took a few pictures but this was my favorite. Maybe when I’ve got more time I can edit and post the rest.

Pinewood Derby 2010

Sai is that magical age of cub scouts. He had his first pinewood derby tonight. He had such a blast!  Here’s his car that he made.

Pinewood Derby 00

Jay also made a car to race. After the official competition was over they had open races for anyone so Jay got to race. We also took Sai’s best bud, Angelo, to scouts and he raced the car that Joe made (Angelo’s mom didn’t know far enough in advance about the derby to make a car).

Here are pictures from the races.

Pinewood Derby 01

Sai in lane 3.


Pinewood Derby 02

Pinewood Derby 03

Angelo and Sai.

Pinewood Derby 05

Pinewood Derby 06

Lane 1: Angelo, Lane 2: Jay, Lane 3: Sai


Pinewood Derby 07

Pinewood Derby 08

Pinewood Derby 09